The pool is almost the dream of every homeowner.Well who would not want to have one for home? The pool requires very regular cleaning and proper maintenance ensures comfort and fun for the whole family.

Especially in the summer because of the strong sun and the frequent use of the pool owner should be concerned about the chemical balance of water.This is very important because the pool can be overwhelmed by algae, dirt and microorganisms that make it very unhealthy and dangerous.


In winter many owners leave the pools to greenish water or emptied. The evacuation of the pool is not practical for many reasons. The walls of the pool are designed to allow the water to push the sides out. If the pressure does not exist, the pool can crack.Continuous drainage and fill with water in a swimming exacerbates this problem and can lead to costly problems. The grouts and tiles can begin to detach (constriction - dilation).

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